Afghanistan/Pakistan 1987/88 Cambodia/Thailand 1988/89
Romania 1990
Bosnia 1995
Fotos by Dominik Landwehr, Switzerland
Afghan Border  
1987/88 General
Afghan Border  
Mine Victims 1987/88
Afghan Border  
1987/88 Buskashi Game 
On the Afghan side of the border  
A mine victim barely 12 years old Buskashi Game in Peshawar 1987/88
Thailand Northeast  
Thailand Northeast  
Khmer Refugee Camp 1989
Thailand Northeast  
ICRC Surgical Hospital
Farmers in rice paddies near the Cambodian border in Thailand Refugees in the Khmer Rouge camp of Otrao Sick children in Khao I Dang hospital of the ICRC
Thailand Northeast  
ICRC Activities 1989
Romania 1990 - 1998 
Romania 1997 
Tracing activities of the ICRC in Khmer refugee camp Street in Biertan - Transylvania/Romania Transylvania - between Brasov and Sigishoara
Romania 1997 
Holocaust Survivors
Tirgu Mures: Before the deportation to Auschwitz